What is a Natural Weed Killer?

What is a Natural Weed Killer?

It is very irritating when you will see weeds in your garden. We all want our plants to be healthy always. Having weeds in your garden affects the health of our plants also. As we can say, the weeds will use the soil nutrients, the water, and moisture from the soil, take the space in the garden. All these things affect our plants. There are various ways to remove this weed. You can use chemicals for removing the weeds, or you can use any natural form also. We will say you to use the natural ways for removing these weeds, as this will be safe for you too. As chemicals can affect us also, not only this, they can even affect other animals and birds. So, using the natural ways of killing weeds is the best.

What is a Natural Weed Killer?

Using newspapers for killing weeds

For killing the weeds in the garden, you can use the newspapers. You have to take a layer (at least ten sheets) of the newspaper. Firstly, you have to wet the soil and after that wet the newspaper and then cover it with the mulch adequately. It will prevent them from growing. If you think that the weeds are still growing, then you can use more and more sheets of newspapers. When the weeds are over, then this will decompose and then increases the quality of the soil.

By using hand for killing weeds

You can use your hands also for removing the weeds. You should wear gloves while removing the weeds. For removing the weeds, you should pull it out from the roots itself.

Using mulch for removing the weeds

You can use the mulch to remove the weeds naturally. You have to cover the area with mulch. It will prevent the mulch from coming. Much will also help to nourish the soil and gaining the nutrients of the earth. It prevents the seeds from getting the sunlight.

By using cornmeal for removing the weeds

Cornmeal prevents the seeds from growing. So, when you sprinkle it, it will just stop the weeds from growing. When the harvesting is done, then you can use the cornmeal from preventing any kind of weed growth. You should never use this cornmeal before your plants are established. As if you will use the cornmeal before this, then it will harm your plant also. So, we should use cornmeal wisely.

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